Japan Market with Stitchonomy & friends

This year I attended the Japan Market again with my studio friend Alyssa from Stitchonomy! We’re sharing a studio space in Leiden so it was fun to come up with the products and stand design. We also did a collaboration in the form of a sushi embroidery kit! Here you can see the progress during the weeks leading up to the market, because we were so busy on the day itself that we barely took any pics!


The Japan Market commemorates the visit of Emperor Akihito in 2008 to Japanmuseum SieboldHuis. Every year during Pentecost the Rapenburg streets are transformed into a mini Japan festival with all kinds of stalls, activities and food. This year there were even more stalls than before, including a giant food court and martial arts demonstrations. We were really happy to have been selected for a stall!


This year I wanted even bigger stock than before. So I started sewing weeks in advance using my watercolour sushi fabric.


I also designed a kokeshi craft kit (I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened to the quality of this picture).


Here are the saskiko kits that Alyssa was working on, in modern colours like peach and petrol instead of the traditional blue and white.


The sushi embroidery kits were made using one of my sushi illustrations that you can also find on one of my fabrics.


Alyssa worked out the threads needed and wrote an instruction, but most importantly had the design printed on fabric.


There are two variations that you can make, the beginner stitching on the right and the more advanced satin stitch on the left. Alyssa made both of these samples and they looke really good!


Here we were packing all the planned embroidery kits. You can still purchase them here in Alyssa’s shop.


We decided to take things to the third dimension and cut some pegboards to size to make these wall displays. Overall I think that was the most major improvement from last year, when I felt that my items were overlooked because they were flat on the table. Now you could see everything clearly.


And a nice picture of all of us together, left to right Alyssa, Femke (back again like last year!), myself, Caro from HONoriginal and Saskia from LUREaLURE. Overall this was another great Japan Market with absolutely gorgeous weather and a great crowd moving past. We were right in front of the food court so I think we saw the most foot traffic right behind the food stalls themselves!

See you again soon!
~ Mardie

Japan Market in Sunny Leiden

On Sunday the 4th of Juny I attended the annual Japan Market organized by Japanmuseum SieboldHuis. I also attended last year and it was so much fun (albeit very cold because last year it fell on a cold early May Sunday)! So, of course I wanted to repeat it again this year.


I started preparing about a month in advance. Here is a new product I was making – Japanese cotton wallets.


This year I was very happy with the amount of stuff I was able to make. I did a quick test of the stall setup as I had double the amount as last year. I wanted to make sure the stall looked well-stocked but not too crowded.


And here is the result of the stall demo! In hindsight it was a bit of a flat setup and because of the huge crowd not everyone was able to take a good glance at my items. So that’s something to consider for next year.


My friend Femke helped me out during the market, so I could actually go pee and see a bit of the market myself. There were ton of really fun stalls, from bonsai to Japanese pottery. And of course the food stalls, which were all very busy right from the start.


Next to me was my studio friend Caro from Hon Original, selling her handmade notebooks, furoshiki and stamps. She shared her stall with a friend who also had the cutest accessories and was also a huge Pusheen fan like me!


Caro also had these amazing Japanese paper houses to wear as jewelry.


Another shot of the furoshiki, stamped with handmade stamps.


On the other side of my stall was Saskia from LureALure who made a selection of Japan-inspired tunics and her famous obi belts made from upcycled ties.


Overall I had another really fun Japan Market, and it definitely helped that the weather was way better than last year. See you again in 2018!


Bonus: after getting home we ate our homemade sushi that I prepared the night before (don’t worry it was all smoked salmon and vegetables).

Thank you for reading,
~ Mardie

Japan Market Report (also first blog post!)

Hi everyone! So this is my first blog post on my new website for my soon-to-open Etsy shop, Hanabachi Handmade Fabric Treasures! I am Mardie, 25 years old and recently graduated as a Bachelor in Japanese. Besides Japan I have always loved sewing and I’ve made a lot of Japan-inspired gifts for friends and family over the years.

This year a friend suggested for me to hire a stall at the annual Japan Market in Leiden so I decided to take that chance to create a small webshop of sorts. So in this blog post I will be talking about that process and also report on the Japan Market of last week.


Here is a mock-up I did of the business cards I printed for the market. I have not yet opened an Etsy shop so it is pointing to this website instead (hi! 👋)


So for the stock I wanted to make I focused on bags and pouches.They showcase the gorgeous fabrics I got from a specialty store in Germany that imports fabric straight from Japan. Yet on this picture you’ll only see the lining, oops!


This vinyl fabric has to be one of my favorites as it’s water resistant so perfect for a makeup bag.


Another shot of some really cute My Melody fabric!


The Japan Market is always on the first Ascension day. but this year it was really cold and winy, especially because we were situated near the canals. But here is my stall!


The bento bags, make-up bags and so-called “bunny bags” I made for the market!


Close-up of the goods. Here you have a better look at the gorgeous Japanese cottons!


I also had some kokeshi and Japanese books for sale.


In the end it was a very fun first market experience, but I sure was happy my boyfriend was there to help me out

Thanks for reading!
~ Mardie