Hunter’s Blazer (KM1403-10)

Hey all! Here is an old project I did in 2017 for my step sister. I thought it would be fun to let her design her own jacket! She picked this pattern and then we had lunch at the fabric market where she also picked her own fabrics. Talk about a great b-day gift 😉 … Meer lezen over Hunter’s Blazer (KM1403-10)


Silver Dress (KM1701-06 modified)

Have you ever made a dress after something gorgeous you found on the Internet, only to wear it and have your boyfriend mockingly call you a chinchilla because you're "chubby, gray and adorable"??? WELL??? I'll just roll with it! This dress has been dubbed "the chinchilla dress" because it indeed transforms me to an adorable, … Meer lezen over Silver Dress (KM1701-06 modified)