Pink Plus-size T-shirt [Own Pattern]

I picked up some really cute fabric from a sewing supplies store closing down back in December. The original plan was to combine it with a plain pink fabric and make a dress, but I couldn't find the same colour of pink. So I decided to make a T-shirt / tunic instead because I was … Meer lezen over Pink Plus-size T-shirt [Own Pattern]


Joining Me Made May – Planning my Wardrobe

I, Mardie of Hanabachi, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavor to create a more conscious wardrobe and will use this challenge to make any missing items during May 2019. Ten years ago Zoe of SoZo What Do You Know put together a fantastic yearly challenge - the Me Made May where … Meer lezen over Joining Me Made May – Planning my Wardrobe