Joining Me Made May – Planning my Wardrobe


I, Mardie of Hanabachi, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavor to create a more conscious wardrobe and will use this challenge to make any missing items during May 2019.

Ten years ago Zoe of SoZo What Do You Know put together a fantastic yearly challenge – the Me Made May where you can join to challenge yourself to wearing more handmade items! Or any other pledge that evolves around handmade clothing, like picking a challenging pattern or revising your wardrobe. Which is what I will be doing this month!

I have been making and wearing my own clothing regularly for a couple of years now. I wear handmade clothing multiple days a week, mostly dresses. I usually just pick whatever fabric fit my mood, or what was available in the discount bin. Over the Christmas holidays I purged a lot of ” guilt” clothing (garments that I would one day magically be able to wear again LOL) which left me with a fairly bare-bones wardrobe. I have about 10 long- and short sleeve tops, 2 skirts and a couple of dresses. In short, I’ve been making due since Christmas!


Am I even a Deep Winter??? Who knows at this point…

So now I want to take a step back and look at my wardrobe as a whole and see what I can add so that I can have a nice rotation of outfits, and a couple of comfortable and well-fitting basics.

I used URstyle to create the collages below:MMM_1.png


During the past few months I have stocked up on some basics. For me those are long sleeve T-shirts in my favorite colors and some black polo shirts. These should be able to be combined with bottoms easily, but I had to retire some favourites that were worn out. So, I am looking to make some basic, plain skirts that can go with any colour. But maybe I will throw in some pattern skirts and pants to wear with plain shirts! I’m a genius.


Little Black Dress

I have an upcoming wedding in June and I usually just wear a dress that I’d wear any other day of the week. It doesn’t really feel as special, does it? My wardrobe can use a go-to fancy dress that can easily be dressed up or down in the same way. A Little Black Dress would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Don’t re-invent the wheel! But maybe I want to spice up the LBD by picking a textured black fabric or wear a layer of lace.


Vintage Summer Dresses

During summer I don’t want to wear many layers. Right now I usually wear a camisole + underskirt or a slip, tights, skirt, shirt, and maybe a cardigan. So let’s bring that back to one layer during summer! I want to make some flowy, romantic summer dresses from fabrics I already own. I am definitely looking to add more floral prints to my wardrobe. I just love a simple dress with a huge floral print. It’s also an easy way to add more colour to my wardrobe.



I definitely need more shawls, belts and a couple of pumps in black and navy. I plan on going to a couple of thrift stores or maybe a vintage sale to get some nice ones. Right now I only have a beige and red belt and they don’t work with my current outfits. And hey a girl can never have too many shoes LOL (I wear one pair of shoes year round…)

So here are my plans for addressing the holes in my wardrobe. I’m sure I’m going to come across more so I will add them as I go!

Are you joining Me Made May? What is your pledge?



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