BuJo speads April 2019 + May setup


I couldn’t resist the new Stabilo Boss Mini pastel markers! I don’t know if it is because Easter is coming up, but I felt like doing a pastel theme for the month of April.


I chose “life is short, make it sweet” as April’s catchphrase. Originally I wanted to do a baked goods theme but I didn’t actually keep that up beyond the monthly calendar LOL. I also noticed I never coloured in those donuts as I planned to do. Oh well!


The first week is really simple. I chose the peach Stabilo marker and tried to freehand some boxes. They came out looking VERY freehanded! Then I tried to save it by writing the weekdays in marker as well. BIG MISTAKE. I just decided to leave it be. Next week will be a better week.


Lila was the colour of the second week. I did some boxes with drop shadow and used my Tombow marker to write the weekdays. I really like this page, it looks super clean and the separate to do list is totally working for me!


The third week was inspired by @lauras_lettering ’s april weekly spread. I love the colour and the little space on the left of every day. I chose to put my chores stickers there. I left out the April header and condensed Friday and Saturday so I’d have a place for my notes and to do list.


I will be on vacation for the final week of April, and the week after that I’m also off work, so I decided to do a two-week spread on two pages. I actually really like how spacious this feels, I can see my entire vacation at a glance! I hope to fill the second week with fun appointments like going to the zoo and meeting friends, but I will not need a to do list or notes for my vacation!


And here I started on May, again inspired by @lauras_lettering! Only I chose yellow, as I want a lightning bolt / thunderstorm theme for May. Yellow just really makes me happy right now so I’ll try to come up with more fun spreads next month.

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie


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