Instaswap – Eggplants for Safrana & Argana


Hey everyone! So you’ve probably heard about the idea of doing an Instagram swap, and in The Netherlands we have a bi-annual InstaSwap organized by Lynda!  I joined the Spring 2018 edition and was paired with Safrana & Argana, a food blogger. So of course I had to incorporate food into my gift for her.


I chose a fabric designed by Renee’s Illustrations, printed by You can find the fabric in question here. I also had gift wrap printed of the larger variation of the design.


I decided to do a “travel theme”kind of approach and made a matching set that she could use on her travels. Here is a public transport card holder to clip onto your bag or keys.


A small pouch for coins, lipstick or other small items.


Of course no travel set can be complete without a passport case. Did I mention how much I love this fabric??


A pencil case that could also double as a toothbrush case. I know I like to keep mine separate.


From a scrap I made a key fob, just because it’s fun!


And finally the make-up bag that took up most of the fabric. I made it nice and big so it would fit all travel necessities.

Safrana & Argana was very happy with her gift!


I also received a very nice swap gift in return from @poefjiep including tea, chocolate, a hand-illustrated notebook and a matching dish and mini vase. Thank you so much Poefjiep! I wish I had made a better picture of everything unwrapped but I was so excited I shared everything on Insta Stories instead.

Thanks so much for reading,
~ Mardie

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