Silver Dress (KM1701-06 modified)

Have you ever made a dress after something gorgeous you found on the Internet, only to wear it and have your boyfriend mockingly call you a chinchilla because you’re “chubby, gray and adorable”???


WELL??? I’ll just roll with it!

This dress has been dubbed “the chinchilla dress” because it indeed transforms me to an adorable, fluffy gray creature. But the initial inspiration was a little bit different.


I saw this velour dress in my Instagram stories (model: rachelfrancesx) and I was instantly in love! I wanted to have a nice holiday dress I could wear to the family Christmas dinner and later to a New Years party. It did tell me “New Year” more than Christmas because of the silver color.

Pattern & fabric


Image by

The pattern I used was the top half of the Knipmode dress 6 from Januari 2017 in size 48. The lower edge of the dress is a straight skirt with gathers in the side seam.


I did an FBA for this dress, even though it has a cowl collar. I wanted to be sure it was not too tight across the 123cm bust 😉 I also opted for a slightly shorter sleeve than the original. No other adjustments were made.


The finished top. It has ruffles in the shoulder, and boy it was really hard to force my serger over this amount of thick, piling fabric! Please serge all edges separately and sew it on your normal machine if you value your serger knives!


I attached a full circle skirt with no side seams to the top. I figured adding side seams, that would inevitably run almost along the bias, would ruin the skirt as I would have to serge on a bias line. Also the seams would be so thick I figured a circle skirt would be best.



It’s so fluffy!!!


I did make a mistake with the skirt. I measured my natural waist and calculated the circle skirt accordingly. But of course the top has some ease in it, and the Knipmode pattern usually has a lot of ease (and a very wide back…) so it did not match up. I quickly redid the side seams of the top but I shaved off a full 5cm on both sides!


You can see the sides of the skirt look longer than the rest. I need to take my tummy into account next time and let out the bodice a little bit.


Next time I would also probably not do a gathered shoulder in this fabric. It is quite bulky. I wonder if 3 – 5 pleats would have made it nicer (and easier for my serger to handle). Also, the cowl collar and the neck binding don’t really match up because it was so hard to sew. Next time I will need to pay more attention to that.


The drape of the skirt is really nice though! This will be an amazing holiday dress for the upcoming holidays.



Thanks for joining me again and my old modern sewing project! And of course – happy holidays and a fantastic New Year’s!

~ Mardie


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