Etsy Made in Leiden – Handmade Market


This year I organized the very first Etsy Made in Leiden! Etsy Made is an annual live shopping event held on (generally) the same weekend in cities all over the world, organized by Etsy Sellers. This year it was held in the last weekend of November and our version was held on the 26th. It’s an amazing way to get to know your customer and fellow sellers. I teamed up with Cartograaf, Megan McNulty and Stitchonomy to set up this market, which took roughly 6 months including all the workshops we planned.

photo_2017-11-26_12-06-05 (2)

During the day we welcomed almost 30 local sellers offering their handmade products, and held workshops, live music and Draw Leiden had a table where you could join in and get creative yourself. Below are pictures of most sellers although I am sure I missed a couple because I was quite busy helping out with last minute tasks.

The big surprise was a TV crew from reporting on the market, which you can see in the video above.

OK, enough talk for me, below is an overview of the Etsy Made in Leiden market!


Jessica Halmshaw sells papercut works of art, postcards, brooches etc.


Tex & Billy was my neighbour – she sells crocheted hats, headbands and scarves.


Here is the best overview I could photograph -it was really busy!


Margo Slingerland is a graphic designer selling all kinds of items she designed herself.

photo_2017-11-27_18-23-21 (2)

Draw Leiden is a drawing club that meets every Monday to draw, chat and help each other improve. During Etsy Made in Leiden the table was open to join.

photo_2017-11-26_12-06-07 (2)photo_2017-11-26_12-06-07

Megan McNulty selling whimsical postcards, pins and prints.


Stitchonomy selling cross stitch kits and materials.

photo_2017-11-27_18-23-21 (3)

Here’s me in my own stand, selling some makeup bags from fabric I designed myself.

photo_2017-11-27_18-23-19 (2)

The location was Scheltema Leiden, an old brewery in the heart of Leiden turned into an event location.


The outside of the building really shows the old architecture.



Next to sellers we also had Fran with the Pen and Quiltblocks come in to do some workshops on hand lettering and working with Snappap vegan leather.


And we also had live guitar music!


Here we are taking all the stalls back down after the sellers left. I think we were home bu 10pm!

Overall it was a very fun but also quite exhausting market to organize. None of us 4 had ever done something of this size before so there were lots of challenges to overcome. There are definitely things we’d do better next time. The responses of both sellers and visitors were positive though.

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