Japan Market Report (also first blog post!)

Hi everyone! So this is my first blog post on my new website for my soon-to-open Etsy shop, Hanabachi Handmade Fabric Treasures! I am Mardie, 25 years old and recently graduated as a Bachelor in Japanese. Besides Japan I have always loved sewing and I’ve made a lot of Japan-inspired gifts for friends and family over the years.

This year a friend suggested for me to hire a stall at the annual Japan Market in Leiden so I decided to take that chance to create a small webshop of sorts. So in this blog post I will be talking about that process and also report on the Japan Market of last week.


Here is a mock-up I did of the business cards I printed for the market. I have not yet opened an Etsy shop so it is pointing to this website instead (hi! 👋)


So for the stock I wanted to make I focused on bags and pouches.They showcase the gorgeous fabrics I got from a specialty store in Germany that imports fabric straight from Japan. Yet on this picture you’ll only see the lining, oops!


This vinyl fabric has to be one of my favorites as it’s water resistant so perfect for a makeup bag.


Another shot of some really cute My Melody fabric!


The Japan Market is always on the first Ascension day. but this year it was really cold and winy, especially because we were situated near the canals. But here is my stall!


The bento bags, make-up bags and so-called “bunny bags” I made for the market!


Close-up of the goods. Here you have a better look at the gorgeous Japanese cottons!


I also had some kokeshi and Japanese books for sale.


In the end it was a very fun first market experience, but I sure was happy my boyfriend was there to help me out

Thanks for reading!
~ Mardie

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